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Residential solar Panel Installation

Solar Power / September 5, 2016

PARSIPPANY, N.J., June 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, announced that Bay Valley Contractors completed a fully integrated residential solar panel installation – the first of its kind in America’s top solar state.[1] The 5.1 kW DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System was installed on a home in Concord, California, yesterday, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. This location follows several successful installations on test sites throughout the U.S.

Simple installation and attractive design

DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System is the sleek, low-profile, integrated solar roof system that GAF offers at an affordable price. The system provides a seamless aesthetic and is installed directly to the roof deck – unlike rack-mounted solar panel systems that sit above the roof and require multiple points of entry. Its unique fastening mechanism and flashed perimeter maintain the integrity of the roof and help protect against moisture and leaks.

“Building on the GAF expertise in roofing and solar, we designed DecoTech™ to be intuitive for roofing contractors to install and affordable for homeowners to choose, ” said Tommy Rodrigues, research scientist and head of solar product design and development at GAF. “Our high-output panels use best-in-class technology, allowing consumers to harness maximum solar energy.”

“The DecoTech™ design simplifies the installation process, ” said Ryan Diaz, vice president at Bay Valley Contractors, the company that completed the installation. “Other solar panel systems require contractors to drill into the roof to locate rafters, but DecoTech™ has an interlocking system that fastens directly to the roof deck, which helps cut down on installation time.”

Heritage in roofing and solar

GAF has a 130-year history in roofing and decades of experience in solar, including several patents on solar roofing products, a Solar Elite Contractor™ certification program, and proprietary solar financing relationships that have given the company a unique perspective on the market. The DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System, which is available for purchase and installation across the U.S., is the latest product in the growing GAF solar portfolio.

“We are seeing accelerated interest in DecoTech™ among consumers seeking to lower energy costs and find sustainable solutions. GAF is proud to offer an elegant solution with exceptional warranty protections for homeowners, ” said Patrick Brokaw, GAF senior residential solar program territory manager for the Western region. “DecoTech’s aesthetic appeal and ease of installation make it unique to anything on the market today, and we are committed to continued growth and innovation in solar.”

GAF has multiple DecoTech™ Solar Roofing System installations scheduled across the country throughout the coming weeks and continues to introduce its offerings to leading roofing and solar contractors.