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Residential rooftop solar

Rooftop Solar / November 10, 2016

Expedited permitting follows the steps listed below for roof-mounted solar installation with rated output of 10 KW or less on a one- or two-family dwelling.

Step 1: The following fillable PDFs must be completed, printed and faxed to 619.667.1380 to be eligible for expedited review:

Step 2: The Building Division staff will contact the applicant following review of these forms with instructions for submittal as shown below.

Plans submitted shall include:

  • System layout plan on accurate roof plan, showing:
  • Modules, array(s) and racking layout
  • Roof access point and pathways
  • Junction box locations(s)
  • Disconnect location(s)
  • Electrical service location
  • Gas meter location
  • Single line diagram with system specifications, grounding, electrical service configuration
  • Placard diagrams
  • Electrical load calculations
  • Structural calculations, stamped and signed by a California registered engineer, when required.
  • Following review of plans, if corrections are required, a list of corrections will be emailed to the applicant with resubmittal instructions. If approved, an email with payment instructions, invoice and options for obtaining City approved plans will be sent to the applicant.

    Step 3: Application and Plan Approval (Options).

    Permit payment may be made by:

  • Making an appointment by calling 619.667.1176. Plans will be approved, stamped and issued immediately after permit fees are paid.
  • Mailing 3 sets of plans with payment and large, self-addressed, stamped envelope to the City of La Mesa Building Division, 8130 Allison Avenue, La Mesa, CA 91942. After payment, approved stamped plans will be mailed to applicant.
  • Instruction form for providing credit card payment will be emailed or faxed to you. After payment is received, approved stamped plans will be faxed or emailed to applicant.
  • City of La Mesa office hours are Monday - Friday 7:30A - 5:30P. City offices are closed every other Friday.