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Residential backup Power Systems

Solar Power / May 6, 2017

Eaton's standby generators continually monitor your home's connection to the local electric utility. Outages trigger the system to automatically switch to generator power until local power is restored. All models are fully automatic. Homeowners can obtain levels of power suitable for running everything from specific applications, such as sump pumps and refrigerators, to complete whole-home or small office building comfort.

  • Advanced electronics provide totally reliable backup power, thus relieving worry and frustration.
  • Contractor-friendly features make installations quick and easy, which saves time and money.
  • The wide range of sizes, and voltages (single phase and three phase) means flexibility to choose from varying levels of power, as needed, for any specific application.
  • All models exercise at ultra quiet 66 dB or less sound level so power is delivered with minimal noise.
  • Choice of Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) gas operation (field convertible up to 48kw) allows flexibility to meet specific site needs.
  • 24-hour technical support, 7 days a week means backup power protection has minimal to no downtime.
  • All products come with competitive warranty protection, which saves money on repairs.

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  • Single or Three phase, Air-cooled or Liquid-cooled (driven by kW size), Voltage, Steel or Aluminum enclosure, Fuel type (LP or NG), Green state emissions compliance

Source: www.eaton.com