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Solar Power / February 23, 2017

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to get into solar power is to purchase a DIY solar panel kit. It is recommended that you consider all of the things listed on my step by step DIY guide to solar power systems but, buying a solar kit can save you allot of time by having all of the hardware you need to get a system up all in one handy package. It will likely save you money as well. Many businesses will offer bundled sets of components cheaper than they would be to buy individually. A solar kit will also ensure that the pieces of the system are all compatible with one another. One of the more confusing aspects of putting together a system is ensuring that the wattage of each part is sufficient and appropriate for the things connected. For example you would have issues if your panels were generating more electricity than your charge controller or inverter could manage. Another real benefit of a kit is that it provides the opportunity to learn about the various aspects of solar power generation and setup. Almost every kit will provide detailed instructions and support for assisting with installation. The knowledge can be valuable, especially if you intent to start small and grow your system over time. (like adding additional batteries, more solar panels or a wind turbine)

One thing to keep in mind before buying one is how much power would you like to generate. Will the system be used for emergency electricity to keep only the refrigerator or freezer running or, will the kit need to power a good portion of your home? Selecting a product that is easily expandable is always recommended as it is often difficult to foresee potential future energy requirements. As with everything a budget should also be considered before coming up with grandiose ideas of powering your neighborhood. Do keep in mind though that solar power can & probably will pay for itself overtime. Also, the convenience and piece of mind during a long term power failure is priceless.