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Can solar Panels Power a House?

Solar Power / November 24, 2015

To discover what makes SolarCity stand out, just ask the tens of thousands of customers that are currently enjoying their solar energy systems. They will tell you that we are the best in the business. Everyone on our team — from our sales staff to our installation crews — demonstrates a professional, courteous attitude. We handle all of the details of your project, from the design to the permits and solar panel installation.

Another reason why so many customers choose SolarCity is our free 24/7 solar system monitoring solution that ensures your system runs smoothly, alerting us if problems arise. When you switch your system on, the PowerGuide will display your solar energy production in real-time. You can chart your energy production and consumption and watch your utility savings add up in actual dollars. SolarCity provides complete coverage for the duration of our agreement and we are on-call to handle any maintenance issues as quickly as possible. Call SolarCity and join the hundreds of thousands of customers who have made the switch to cleaner, more affordable energy.