Good price popular poly 40w 12v small solar panel kits for home

small solar panel kits for home

Kits / March 11, 2015

The sun supports life for creatures on the Earth. Doesn’t it make sense to harness this natural energy and allow it to become an even greater use in our lives? Today’s solar panel kits allow us to utilize the sun’s vital energy in ways like never before. A clean, environmentally friendly power source for the home, solar panel kits reduce dependence on natural resources and save homeowners on energy costs.

How Solar Panel Kits Work

A solar cell is the basic component of all solar panel systems. This cell known as a photovoltaic cell. The PV has a photosensitive mechanism which converts light into electricity without giving off heat. Photons from the sun shine upon this cell, activating the electrons and knocking them loose in the cell’s semi-conductive silicon layers. The silicon layers which are pressed together in the unit have opposite electrical charges. This opposite charge encourages the electrons to fly out and reach the top of the PV cell. These flowing electrons collect at the metal contacts in the cell and turn into electricity. A solid contact layer at the bottom of the PV completes the closed loop electrical circuit.

This electricity created via photovoltaic cells is direct current (DC) and most homes run on alternating current (AC). To convert the electricity, home solar panel kits have inverters which transform the power into a usable home energy source. The battery system in solar panel kit stores this energy for when it is needed the most.

Types of Solar Panel Kits

There are various types of solar panel kits being manufactured today. They’re designed for a number of purposes, to power very minute tasks or to power a household. The smallest solar panel kit will give enough energy to power your cellphone. To charge your cellphone with it, you would simply leave the unit with its small solar panel in a window where it can gather sunlight and charge the phone as normal. Relatively inexpensive, these mobile phone solar panel kits are a step in the right direction towards using green energy.

There are solar panel kits on the market which are designed to go along with you while camping. They’re designed to handle larger tasks such as providing hot water for taking showers or charging a car battery. These portable devices are made of a thin, flexible material, allowing the panel to be rolled up and put in a backpack. Once you have arrived at your campsite, just place the PV on a sunny spot of ground or hoist it into the trees.