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Installation / November 22, 2016

94-155 Leoole St
Waipahu, HI 96797

I guess it's true that the majority of the time, people will only write a review when they have a negative experience. We had zero issues with this company, system was installed in timeline given ( solar is a LONG process. The way it was explained to me was that utility companies can often create delays in the process) Savings was immediate and exactly in the percentage given ( 40 percent less with UI in CT). We didn't pay a dollar upfront and are now saving over $1200 annually just in the first year.

This is from initial experience from the King of Prussia, PA for the Folcroft, PA branch. My representative, Josh, was friendly and seemed down to earth but he didn't explained the process fully. When you are in a PPA agreement, you will pay for the energy it produces. I didn't realize this till after reading everyone posting. I wished he explained that part more accurately instead of neglecting it out. He explained the solar energy it produced, I will get credit for it on my bill. BUT he didn't explained that I have to pay for the energy FIRST. Little bit dishonest but acceptable. The overall installation process of the solar panels is still a nightmare!!! I signed agreement in July 2016, PECO approved agreement in February 2017. I believe someone dropped the ball and forgot to followup properly, which i believe is Vivint Solar and my representative. Finally Vivint said okay to install in March 2017 but after 18 postpones and over 25 calls to the call center, representatives, manager and installer; the panels were installed completely in mid-May. My install had many no shows(5 consecutive days) no shows, random cancellations and quite lengthy delays. I advise you be super proactive and HOUND THEM on every step of the process and contact your energy provider also to fully understand process so you can also follow Vivint progress. My representative said that he would provide compensation for all the delays and trouble which he did do but it was not the agreed amount. So that part is a work in progress. ASK THEM FOR COMPENSATION IF THEY GIVE THE RUN AROUND FOR CONSTANT DELAYS AND NO SHOW when installing your solar panels. It did work and i did get a check for $1500 for my troubles but he said he was give $2000. So once again I'm still following up. Next problem; it's June/2017 and my solar panels are still not activated yet cause Vivint forgot to submit updated plans to PECO. Hopefully this get resolve soon. The verdict is still out if I'm saving money or not . I hope this post is informative enough for people to make their a proper decision. I personally like the idea of solar energy but wish they explained fully the future payments properly. I understand all the negative reviews from many experiences cause they are all different. But the company is not a scam. It all depends on your area if you are saving money or not. My advise to find a neighbor who have used their service for more than 2 years and asked them how was their experience and saving. 1 star till i see the savings!! 3 star if i'm actually saving money. I will update with a part 2 when they turn on the panels and i see my first 2 bills to calculate what saving or any.