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Solar Electricity Generation / October 19, 2016

What do I have to do to switch? Do I have to cancel my current service?

Making the switch to NRG Home is easy! Simply complete our brief enrollment form online switch from your utility or existing supplier, then once your service starts, you will see us listed as your supplier on the bill you receive from your utility company.

Are there any fees to switch?

No, NRG Home does not charge switching, setup or enrollment fees. If you are currently in a fixed contract with another supplier, that supplier may charge you an early termination fee.

How long does it take to switch over?

Your switch to NRG Home will generally take 1-2 billing cycles. If you are a Pennsylvania customer, the switch occurs within 10 days from the date you agreed to switch.

How do I cancel or switch back?

If you are ever unsatisfied with our prices or service, you can cancel by in some utility service areas, it may take up to 1-2 billing cycles to complete the process and for your service to be completely switched back to your utility (in Pennsylvania, the cancellation will be processed within 3 days). Please note that our fixed products typically include an early termination fee, which will be shown on your Terms of Service.

Who do I call if I have problems with my service?

Your energy will continue to be delivered safely by your local utility company. If you experience any type of outage or emergency, please contact your utility company. You can find their number on your bill each month.

Where does my energy come from?

Your energy comes from generation companies who produce energy and serve it to the market. NRG Home buys that energy to meet customer demand. Your local utility will continue to deliver your energy through the same transmission and distribution lines without interruption.

Will my service be interrupted while I’m switching?

Nothing about how your service is delivered will change. Your local utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, service emergencies, handle all customer questions, and send your monthly energy bill. NRG Retail Solutions will appear as your supplier on your utility bill.

If I have a fixed term product, what happens after the fixed term expires?

In most cases, your contract will automatically convert to a variable month to month product after your fixed term expires. Some contracts feature a renewal option to another fixed product. In either case, you may call