Wind Turbine With Solar Panel For Home, Wind Turbine With Solar

solar Panels and Wind Turbine home kits

Kits / February 1, 2018

Wholesale Solar has designed the following Hybrid Gridtie System with Battery Backup for emergency power outages. A sophisticated Outback Power GVFX3638 vented inverter allows your gridtied solar panels and wind turbine to charge a battery bank, even when the grid goes down. With the help of a Wholesale Solar technician, you can select the appliances that you want powered during an emergency power outages, and then choose the correct battery bank size.

Product Information

Equipped with an OutBack Power's Radian inverter, this hybrid wind and sun grid-tie systems will power 120-volt and 240-volt circuits. Designed with true off-grid capability, you can charge your battery bank with solar panels and a wind generator. More versatile than the systems above, these systems also have a "grid-assist mode" for folks mainly interested in being off the grid, but would like to have access to grid power.