DIY Portable Solar Power Generator

diy solar generator kit

Kits / August 3, 2016


Why go Solar?

Volatile energy costs, climbing blackout rates, growing regulations, limited electric choices for off-grid living, Tiny Homes, off-grid worksites or events and growing demand for alternative energy systems are some of the key issues that highlight the need for innovative, on-site solar power production.

SolMan Generators - When You Want The Best

At SolSolutions we meet this need with the SolMan line of portable solar generators.

As a viable alternative to the gas generator, the SolMan solar generator utilizes solar panels to capture the sun’s energy, stores that energy in a battery bank and releases it via an inverter to be used for efficient home, on-site and emergency back-up power.

Best of all, SolMan solar generators operate clean and silently, eliminating the issues of noise and smell that users site as the main drawbacks to traditional fuel based generators. These key advantages, combined with our leadership in solar and battery integration, excellent design and quality components has led to the SolMan's renown as the best solar generator on the market.

CGC2colorsmallto find out more about how solar generators work. Click the links below or on the side menu to check out the SolMan solar generator models or you can click this link for a SolMan Product Line PDF.

Other Solar Power Options

SolSolutions offers Custom Designed Solar Power Systems, DIY Solar Kits, top-line batteries and Solar Consulting to help you get sustainable. These offerings are great for Off Grid, Tiny Homes, RVs, Buses, Trailers and Construction Sites!

We also have a line of the best quality Solar Device Charging Kits for cell phones, tablets, cameras and other USB charged electronics. Complementing these solar charging kits are USB Battery Backup Chargers and USB Camp Lights. These products are great for Camping, Hiking, Festivals, Outdoor Sports and more!