Guide to solar: March 2015

build a solar panel kit

Kits / September 2, 2016

Solar panels can save a homeowner a lot of money on their energy bill. Unfortunately, a large investment is needed to install solar panels, especially if you want to run your entire home on solar power - so one option is to . Solar panels will pay for themselves over time in energy savings... and after saving enough money to cover the initial investment they will continue to provide energy for free because they do not require costly maintenance to continue working. The average life of solar panels is 20 to 30 years. On average it takes solar panels three to ten years to pay for themselves. That's at least ten years of free energy.

If you have considered solar panels to create the energy you need for your home, you may have found that you could not afford the initial investment, which can be anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on how large of a system you need. It is possible, however, to build your own solar panels. There are many benefits to building your own solar panels, mainly the cost savings. If you build your own solar panels you can begin getting free energy even sooner than if you had a system professionally installed.

It is possible to make solar cells at home with everyday materials. These types of solar cells will draw a small current and are very easy to make. These small cells are not suited for solar home heating, however, because they are not powerful enough. They make great science projects or fun experiments but if you want to harness the power of the sun for your home for power, heating, and hot water, you will need solar panels equivalent to the ones commercially available. Unfortunately it is hard to get all the necessary materials needed to create your own solar panel from scratch, but there are many kits available that come with everything you need to create house powering solar panels at substantial savings.